Sunie Yoga

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Ways to Seek a Beginner's Mind

How to cultivate a Beginner's Mind when you've been practicing as long as you have been?

1) Create space in your mind by slowing the breath and emptying your mind.

2) Let go of expectations.

3) If you think you know it, you won't have enough space to learn anything new.  Forget what you think you know.

4) Trust yourself to just be.  Listen to your intuition.

5) Allow the inner critic to release itself from your mind and body.  Laugh at yourself.

6) Focus on your inner-being, not your outer-image.

7) Find inspiration in a new pose.

8) Practice a "regular" pose and shift the breath to a different part of the body, like your eyelashes.

9) No such thing as failure.

10) Take the opportunity to learn something new every single time you practice, whether you like it or not.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Be Determined: It's a New Year

If you are someone who has several complete moments of clarity where you know exactly what you want and how you want it, count your blessings.  Not only do many of us struggle deciphering what exactly we want, but when we are finally confronted by the offer, we often miss it or ignore it as it doesn't seem to be the right time or opportunity.

This doesn't necessarily need to be a life changing desire or heavy moment of realization, it can be as simple as getting up and dancing when you want or applying to a job you've always thought you'd enjoy, but it may end up being life changing, so prepare yourself.  Don't waste your time holding back, wondering, second guessing... Go for it.  Make the opportunity and then take it.

Don't hold back.  Take the risk.  Let go.  Every moment counts, including this one.

Break your routine.  Listen to yourself.

Now is the time.

HAPPY 2014!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Carpe Diem

Do something that makes you feel good every single day.

You are in control of your life.  No one else can do this for you.

We can easily get tied into the humdrum of every day living very quickly and suddenly find ourselves feeling stuck and overwhelmed with monotony.  Falling deep into the depths of simplicity and colorlessness.  Step out and give yourself the gift of impulse, desire, passion and appeal.

Wake up in the morning and crank up the music!  Have a dance party before you go to work.  Go out on a night you'd usually stay in.  Find something that makes you laugh and do it.  Go on a trip.  Eat your favorite food and truly savor it.  Meditate.  Shout.  Whatever it is you love and feel happy doing -- bust out and make a move!

Life isn't worth living if you don't enjoy it every single day.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Connect to Yourself

There is nothing more satisfying and more beneficial then to connect with yourself, to know that you are giving yourself what you need to be happy, to check in and sincerely express your truest desires to yourself.  This is one of the hardest and yet most gratifying things we can do.  But how often do we do this?  How often do we trust ourselves?  How often do we accept the path we choose and embrace it?  Embrace ourselves?  Embrace life?

We are all on a similar path: to find the truest expression of ourselves.  We look to others who bring out something in ourselves that we like.  We look to music to further express our emotions.  We look to work to give us a sense of freedom.  We look to home to give us a sense of peace.  We look for ways to feel alive, vibrant and full.

Find some time, no matter how small, to give yourself a break from the everyday grind of life to take care of yourself.  Separate from the world, from everyone in your life and be with yourself.  Listen to your thoughts.  Breathe in the silence.  Relax in a space that brings you peace.  Feel what moves you.  Watch your reactions to life as you pass it by.  Allow yourself to surrender to the sweetness of living.

Find something that you absolutely love to do and do it for yourself; you will find the connection to the divine self and will be able to express your full being to the world around you.

The relationship you have with yourself is the greatest challenge and most important relationship that will ever exist.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Laugh Often

Life is too short to be so serious all the time.  Yes, there are times when it is needed, but oftentimes taking everything so seriously just leads to stress, which leads to bad eating habits, tight muscles and a cranky you.

Lighten up.  Find the humor in things that you might not ordinarily find.  If you don't like your job, seek out the people that you make you laugh in your office, do something silly, crack yourself up.  So what if you come across like you're crazy, at least you're enjoying your time on this planet.

Humor will bring so much more joy into your life.  You'll sleep better, you'll digest better, you'll feel better, you'll be better.

Today, challenge yourself to giggle at least eight times.  That's not very much, but it's a start.

Laughter brings out a contagious joy.  Spread it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let Go

How many times have you heard the term "Let Go?"  And how many times have you actually followed through?

Letting go is quite a challenge.  And there is no way around it.  But it's also one of the most important things to do to move forward with you life.

Certain things come into your life for a season and some come into your life for good.  It is your job to pick and choose what you want in your life.  So, choose well.

Granted, making these choices can take years to discover and may often change, but when something becomes clear, and at some point it will, listen.  Your heart, mind and body will tell you what is healthy and what isn't healthy.  Receive the message, give yourself time to digest your feelings, then take the leap.  This could be anything from a job, a relationship, a habit to a car, a house, a desire, etc, etc.  So many things can hold us back.  The list will only continue to grow if you don't tune into yourself.

Nothing is impossible.

Discover the strength within your own body.

Acknowledge what this object/being meant to you in the past, what it gave you to help you grow as an individual and appreciate what knowledge you have gained from this experience, then put all of that knowledge and self-understanding into use - apply it.  Find a new home to build, a new job to experience, a new partner to love.  Whatever is in your life that may be holding you back, let it go to in order be fully open to what is next in your life.

The more we can experience, the more we can appreciate.

Let go and fly.  Life may seem completely unknown, even painful and scary at times, but in the end, it is you who chooses where you fly.  So make good choices, listen to your soul and fly where you feel drawn to.

This is a good choice.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting Grounded

Have you ever found yourself thrown into something entirely new in your life, like a new job, a new lover, a new home, and notice you're sometimes feeling sort of lost and/or slightly dazed?

In the past 3 months, my immediate life has completely changed.  It is truly entirely different.  An opposite location, different close-by friends, entirely different jobs, different weather, different bills, different people, etc., etc.  It's amazing what a whirlwind this has all been.  I notice that I don't have a second to focus, not one second (hence why I haven't made an appearance here in a month).  It's truly unbelievable to me.  I'm not sure my life has ever been this upside down and right side up at the same time ever.  And it's all wonderful!  I am able to enjoy every moment.  This last year has proven to me that, beyond when life begins and ends, we really do carry our lives in our own hands.  And we each are responsible for our own happiness and for the choices we make.

And yet, no matter how much I am enjoying living like this, I couldn't live the rest of my life in this untamed wild manner or I'd end up losing what's most important to me.  And, as I settle in, I realize it is time to get grounded, to bring my focus back to myself, my space and my heart.  (Thank goodness for Yoga.)

How to do this?  Pick an old habit that you've done on your own for many years that you haven't given yourself the time for lately.  A habit that reminds you of who you are and what your ultimate goals are.  And notice, while you're in the midst of this project, how you feel, where your mind is, what it's like to do something familiar even in an unfamiliar place.  

It may not be imperative to always know who you are and to always be grounded in your ways, but it is quite necessary to love yourself and to be aware of where you are as you travel through your life.  Find your presence in every day.  Acknowledge what you've accomplished in your life, what you're working toward now and whether your dreams are coming true.  

As I write this blog, an old habit of mine, I realize my childhood dreams have come true.  And since, they have created so many more opportunities and given me so many more dreams to live for.  

If you can find the ground and stand up on it, you will see that life is so very much worth living.

Find the Earth, grow roots and stand up tall using the support the world provides you.